Salil Bhayani

Founder, Composer

Salil is an award winning composer who has worked as a lead composer on numerous films, documentaries, and web series that have seen distributions on networks such as PBS, Netflix, and Amazon Prime, and been a part of prestigious film festivals such as SXSW, Los Angeles Cinefest, Beverly Hills Film Festival, and Hollywood Reel Independent Film Festival to name a few.

Amanda P.H. Bennett

SFX, Dialogue Editor

Amanda Peach H. Bennett has sound supervised and edited, as well as composed music for over 50 independent projects that have been a part of film festivals around the globe, including Animato 2017, Austin Spotlight Film Festival, BFI Flare Festival, and NYC Independent Film Festival. Her excitement in her work is inspired by the impact film has on people’s lives and how they can be used to inspire hope through them. “Inspire Life Sonically.”

Spencer Ward

Sound Designer, Audio Engineer

Having worked with major TV networks and media outlets such as National Geographic, Vogue, and The New Yorker, Spencer possesses a wide range of skills pertaining everything audio. He has 15 years worth of experience working as a front of house engineer, location audio engineer, audio software developer, mixing and mastering engineer, acoustician, and sound designer.

Ari Mo

Producer, Engineer

Ari specializes in taking literally any sound from airplanes to turtles and transforming it into synths, percussions, beats, or a totally bizarre sound.
Having worked on award-winning films and productions, Arian is proficient at making films sound clean as well as designing and recording sounds to create an immersive cinematic experience.

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