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We are a team of passionate award-winning composers, musicians, sound designers and engineers. More importantly, we are people who love films and visual media. We are creatives who feel compelled to tell stories through music and sound. We are a team that is eager to tell your story and bring it to life.


From original music that will set the tone of your film and make the story emotionally engaging to designing sounds that bring films to life, we have it all. Whether it be a Viennese Waltz, a chilling moment of suspense, a wild car chase or an action packed sequence, we create just the right balance of sound and music to uplift the drama on the screen.


With our experience working on a wide range of films, video games, documentaries, and more, we understand how valuable your project is. We are here to help you make the process of post-sound easy and seamless while delivering the highest quality audio on time, every single time.


Our work has been featured on:

PBS  Amazon Prime • Netflix  BBC  NBC  HBO • Vogue • Wired

TED-Ed  GQ • National Geographic  Warner Bros.

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