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Artwork by Anton Bogaty

Who We Are


Stories live forever. And films tell us stories that make us aware of the world around us, take us on an emotional journey, enter someone else's world, and experience someone else's experiences. Films bring us together and help us recognize who we are.

As a boutique studio based in Los Angeles, cAMP Studio feeds the narration that immortalizes a story. We’re a full-service music and post-production sound facility for film and media, dedicated to giving stories a voice of their own. We serve stories. Yours, and in turn, ours.

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Stories flow across generations and time. The stories we tell mirror this - each moment flows seamlessly into the next, brought to life with the right blend of sound and music.

So, we meet you for “spotting sessions” to discuss your creative vision for the film – the concept, the tone, even the cues you love. Documenting these sessions keeps us on time and your story flowing. Only after we have everything we need, do we delve into the creative process.

That’s how we become the sound of your story coming alive.

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