A boutique studio based in Los Angeles, cAMP Studio is a full-service music and post-production sound facility for film and media.

We at cAMP Studio recognize what it feels like to look at raw footage without clean audio and music, and the transformation that takes place when audio is integrated.

We also recognize that films are not just crucial to us as a society, but inevitable. Films tell us stories we need to hear, they make us aware of the world around us, they take us on an emotional journey that helps us enter someone else's world, and experience someone else's experiences. Films bring us together and help us recognize who we are.

At cAMP Studio, our endeavor is to be a strong voice of yet another compelling story that needs to be told.



At cAMP Studio, we are committed not only to telling your story as best as it can possibly be told, but also to making the process smooth and seamless.

Before we delve into the creative process of music and sound, we work with you to have everything we need to make the right decisions. This ensures we are on schedule at every point in the process.

We meet with you for "spotting sessions", discuss the concept of your film, the tone you are looking to set, your musical inclinations, cinematic inspirations, and your creative vision for the film.

We document everything carefully so that we are always on track. It is extremely crucial to us that our creativity and passion are always in line with your vision.

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